About District

Lakhisarai is a beautiful and important place in the state of Bihar. This district was established on the 3rd of July 1994. Before coming into existence as a new district, Lakhisarai was a sub-division within Munger District. Historians established on the basis of analysis of evidences, that this place was a reputed religious center for the Hindus in the period of Pal. The ruler of that time was fond of making Temples and other religious spots. It is one of the reasons that there are so many temples and other religious places within this region. Some significant temples and religious spots within the district are Ashokdham, Bhagwati Mandir of Barahiya, Sringi Rishi, Jalappa Asthan, Abhainath Asthan on Abhaipur Mountains, Maharani Asthan of Abhaipur, Govindbaba Asthan (Mandap) Rampur and Durga Asthan Lakhisarai etc.

The district covers an area of about 129397 Hectares, Geographically, lies between 25o to 25o 20’ north Latitude and 85o 55’ to 86o 25’ east longitude. Lakhisarai is bounded by Munger, Sheikhpura, Begusarai and Patna in the East, South, West and North respectively.

The district can be divided into three parts viz. (i) Hilly area (ii) Flood hit area and (ii) Plain area. The hilly area comprises of hill series and rocks like Kachhua hills, Kajra mountains up to Abhaipur and Jaynagar Mountains including forest area. Almost whole of Pipariya block and some part of Barahiya is considered as flood hit area. This area remains almost drowned in rainy season. But so far as cultivation and agriculture is concerned this area is called the stock of food Grains. Rest of the part except Hilly and flood hit area is plain area with full greenery and cultivable land.

People of Lakhisarai were always in the limelight, either it be the struggle for freedom or movement for womens’ freedom including J.P. Movement or movement for womens’ education or fight against illiteracy. People of Lakhisarai always followed Gandhi Jee, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya, Pandit Nehru, Jayprakash Narayana, Indira Gandhi and such other leaders.

People like Pandit Karyanand Sharma, Rajeshwar Singh, Srikrishna Singh, Yadubansa Singh, Smt. Udya Devi, Dr. Kumar Vimal and many more have helped Lakhisarai carve out a niche in history in all walks of life.

People of Lakhisarai are indebted to the freedom fighters who martyred their lives for Motherland.

Railway main and loop line and NH 80 pass through the district headquarter, paving the way for its development. Railway main line and loop line cross each other at Kiul Junction.