Lakhisarai is a major attraction on the travel map of Bihar tourism. Lakhisarai is a well developed and progressive city with the combination of spiritual and traditional ethnicity.

Lakhisarai tourism ensures a network of full fledged facilities for all types of transportation and communication. Lakhisarai had a glorious past which attracts tourists to indulge in learnings of a different kind.

Below are the list of some important tourist places of Lakhisarai:

  • Ashok Dham Temple
  • Buddha Math Rajauna
  • Shiringi Rishi Ashram
  • Maharani Asthan Barahiya
  • Surya Mandir Pokharma
  • Lal Pahari Lakhisarai
  • Jalappa Asthan
  • Abhinath Asthan